I met Steve Asher 6 years ago when I began looking for a a very specific homesite in Ashland to accommodate our one level, close to downtown needs. The realtors and I looked for more than 2 years at prospective homes and lots with Steve volunteering on many occasions to meet us at a prospective property to give his opinion on either remodeling or building on the site. Two years later, when we finally found the perfect location, Steve was there to advise us on its suitability and suggesting building plan ideas according to our needs.

Over the course of building our new home, Steve proved to be not only a very experienced builder, but a good designer in his own right. Many a time he came up with solid and creative solutions to some of the trickier problems which surfaced. His background in engineering proved essential in solving our creekside drainage issues and satisfying the city in their requirements. He represented us in a number of evening meetings required for passage of our building plans.

Steve is a fine and economical builder who keeps a close eye on the owner’s budget. His monthly statements include itemized expenses which are cumulatively compared to the final estimated building costs. This is crucial information in the owners’ planning of how to allocate their funds.

Steve is extremely knowledgeable in the area of green building practices and standards, building Earth Advantage homes and regularly volunteering his time to teach others and assist them in becoming credentialed in this area.

He is a joy to work with—always pleasant and responsive to an owners’ questions or needs. His crews, with whom he’s worked for many years, are efficient, cheerful and tidy. I highly recommend him to anyone building or remodeling in the Rogue Valley.