When my wife and I moved to Ashland in 2010 we sought a builder who could help us construct an energy efficient passive / active solar home. We were lucky enough to be directed to Steve Asher. At the time of our first meeting with Steve we were still working with another local builder, but were offered some sage advice on regional protocols and standards. When that other builder produced plans and costs that exceeded our budget and threatened to compromise our ability to get a loan, and then declined to negotiate costs, we amicably severed our relation with him and began working with Steve.

We are tremendously glad that we did.

Throughout the design and construction of our home through 2011-2012 Steve was available to offer the benefit of his great experience and wisdom. On countless occasions during the construction, we found Steve was able to actualize ideas that we had and bring them to fruition under budget. On numerous other occasions, Steve was able to come up with subtle ideas that immeasurably enhanced the home and which also kept it within our budget. We were delighted to discover that so effectively did Steve manage to keep construction within budget that we were able to install our preferred lighting (LEDs) throughout, and, furthermore, incorporate granite counter tops in the kitchen and bathrooms.

The final result was a home that exceeded our expectations, and achieved Energy Star Certification and an Earth Advantage Platinum rating for its overall energy efficiency. After three years living in our home, we are as happy now as when we first moved in.

We would recommend Steve Asher and Asher Homes to anyone seeking a green energy efficient home. Were we to do it again, we’d be delighted to engage Steve to help us. We would also be delighted to show our home to anyone considering Asher Homes – or considering energy efficient construction. Indeed, we have been a show home on the Southern Oregon Green and Solar Homes Tour.