Keeping all of us protected

COVID-19 has created a situation where all of us have some level of risk of exposure, and we may unknowingly play a role in its spread. It is critical that the healthiest of us take measures to protect the less healthy in our midst, as they are more susceptible to the dire consequences of this contagious disease. We all want and need to keep working in a safe environment. Given the nature of our work, we are in close proximity to our home-owner clients and each other.

In an effort to keep you, everyone on our job sites, and your loved ones healthy, we have instituting the a number of cleanliness protocols.

Staying Ahead on Standards!


Keeping you updated!

With the rise of social distancing measures and encouraging people to stay safe, we offer the option of doing virtual meetings with us to keep up to date on your project. Willing to work with many different web conferencing software, we will work with you to make sure our communication is clear and data is safe. Schedule a meeting with one of us, or a few, virtually from your home, office, garden, hotel, or where ever you may be.

In person meeting are still available with all social distancing and other precautions heeded.


3D imaging of your project!

We’ve paired with some amazing partners to offer you full 3D renderings of your home, virtual walk-throughs of before, during, and after your project is completed and even include example furniture layouts. Our premium service takes the latest technology using 3d imaging cameras of your home before remodeling, requiring less time and more accuracy compared to manually measuring every room. With online archiving you can see your home in full 3D and move the camera around to experience and even show off your space.

Keeping the Job Site Safe


Keeping everyone safe!

We realize you are living in an active construction job site. You can also help protect our team as we help protect you. Please keep your own living space as clean and disinfected as possible, and follow the same guidelines prescribed below. Your health, safety, and overall comfort are our top priorities. We want to make sure your home is a safe environment for everyone.

Below you’ll see some of the policies we’ve implemented to our job sites to keep up with the evolving requirements.

Handwashing stations will be positioned near the onsite porta-potty stations or entrances to the job site. If available our hand washing stations will be provided by the porta-potty companies, or we will ensure we make our own hand washing station as needed with provided sanitation products. Please utilize this station to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds each time, as follows:

1. When entering the job site
2. Every hour—set a reminder in your phone
3. Entering and leaving the restroom
4. Before and after eating
5. When leaving the job site

Hand sanitizer is also available inside each hand washing station—use liberally.

Hand sanitizer is provided to our employees to use which shall be kept in their vehicles.

We’ve provided our employees with face masks to wear on the job sites, and encourage our subcontractors to do the same. We have some face masks available to others on the job sites upon request.

When schedules overlap, social distancing will be practiced as much as possible, please attempt to maintain a distance from other people of at least 6 feet. If this is not possible, please wear a mask.

Cover coughs and sneezes! They are suspected as one of the highest means of spread. Please use your arm or shoulder to quickly cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing. Wash hands immediately if you accidentally use your hand to cover. Throw away any used tissue in a trash bin immediately.

Handshakes (and other physical contact) will be replaced with appropriate gestures to minimize the spread and keep everyone safe.

Encouraging people to not touch your face as much as you possibly can.

If you feel sick, please stay home! If you suspect any symptoms matching COVID-19, please see your physician immediately. Watch for fever, headache, and coughing. Please continually monitor your health to identify early signs as quickly as possible.

Do not share tools as much a possible and wear gloves! Please use only tools you have touched. If sharing is needed, clean the handles of tools with a sterilizing wipe before use and using gloves.